Thursday, December 27, 2007

Podcast 70 - An Atlanta Christmas: "Civil War Triptych" - Episode 7

Welcome everyone to the last Christmas podcast of the year. We conclude the season with another very recent show, Sunday, December 23 to be exact. And we are proud to bring you a segment of An Atlanta Christmas that has never been presented before. "Civil War Triptych", written by Thomas E. Fuller, follows the Christmas stories of three characters, each with an entirely different situation and take on the season.

Again, technical reasons prevented me from including the performer's names in the audio, but they are Clair W. Kiernan, Veronica Byrd, and Jeff Montgomery. Assisting with the song at the end are Dawn Marie and Sarah Taylor. Special thanks to our performance coach, Doug Kaye.

Direct download: ARTC70-Xmas07.mp3

Friday, December 21, 2007

69 - An Atlanta Christmas - Episode 4 - Repeat

Hey, folks, sorry for the multiple repeats this year, but this holiday season is busy busy busy!! Live shows, paying work, shopping, all adds up. But fear not, new material is coming!

Our annual gift to our listeners continues with more excerpts from An Atlanta Christmas. This week we bring you three short pieces and another lovely song. We hope you enjoy it.

The Santa Claus Blues, by Thomas E. Fuller
Rory Rammer, Space Marshal: A Visit From St. Rex, by Ron N. Butler
The Tree Comes to Atlanta, by Thomas E. Fuller
O Holy Night, performed by the ARTC Chorus

Direct download: ARTC69Xmas04-R.mp3

Thursday, December 13, 2007

68 - An Atlanta Christmas Episode 6

This week's episode is from an extremely recent show. Like this past weekend. Yes, from December 8, 2007 at 4pm to be exact, we present "Cut-Out Christmas" by Thomas E. Fuller, adapted for audio by Daniel Taylor and featuring the voices of Veronica Byrd and Burt Tanner. Foley effects created by Sonya with Caran Wilbanks. Music by Brad Weage.

Direct download: ARTC68-Xmas06.mp3

Thursday, December 06, 2007

67 - An Atlanta Christmas part 1 - Repeat

Christmas is memories. For the next 4 podcasts, ARTC will be bringing you some of our favorite memories from our holiday programming, drawing heavily from Thomas E. Fuller's An Atlanta Christmas, but with a few other surprises along the way.

This week we bring you The Ultimate Christmas Pageant and O Tannenbaum by Thomas E. Fuller, and Some Assembly Required, by Daniel Taylor.

Direct download: ARTC67-Xmas01-R.mp3