Friday, July 11, 2008

72 - The Long Road: Red Butte Run

After over six months of being off the air the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company is bringing its podcast back on a monthly schedule. Why monthly? Because we're still not done with the archiving, but we couldn't bear to be away any longer. How long will the monthly updating last? We'll have to see.

Thanks so much to everyone who has hung in there. For now we're going to shoot for the second Thursday of every month by 8pm and in between I'll try to report any news that may be of note.

Remember, ARTC is supported by people like you through the sale of our studio productions. Order by mail through or make it easy on yourself and us by downloading from or iTunes.

A quick note about iTunes: For some reason you can't search for us by our name, you have to search by title or author. So make your first stop to make your selection, then scoot on over to iTunes for the download. You'll also find audio samples and trailers there, so it's well worth your visit.