Friday, October 30, 2009

Lovecraft 101: Get To Know The Master of Scifi-Horror

You've heard about Cthulhu, and you've probably heard about the man who created this tentacled horror, H.P. Lovecraft. Now you want to try delving into the world of Lovecraft, but where to start? Let us help you.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Noises Off II

Last December, the above-referenced production of That Christmas Play went before the boards, although according to Mark Evanier it might have been better to have the boards go first and let the play follow as best it could.

Ya wanta know the topper? The same producer is trying to put it together again this year as a road show (as if the technical and mechanical problems will be easier to fix in a different venue every two or three performances), but two of the six planned cities have not booked yet, and a third just cancelled. 

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

ARTC on PBA Atlanta

Atlanta Radio Theatre Company

The popularity of radio theatre waned with the advent of television, but a group of actors, writers, and sound technicians in Atlanta is maintaining this largely forgotten art form.

The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company (or ARTC, pronounced “Art-see”) has entertained, amused, thrilled, and terrified audio drama enthusiasts since 1984. Although specializing in horror and science fiction, ARTC shows its mastery of the art and craft of audio drama in any number of genres. Bill Ritch, the group’s president, says the appeal of radio theatre lies in the storytelling tradition. ARTC is just spinning a spooky tale around the campfire, so to speak, but with sound effects!

ARTC shows have been featured on a number of radio stations in Atlanta, but currently the best way to experience them is via CD or podcast. Or, for the full-on ARTC experience, you can attend one of their live shows at Stage Door Players in Dunwoody. There, you can see just how they craft their sound effects and manipulate microphone placement to achieve their atmospheric audioscapes and create adventures in sound.

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Hey, Mom, I'm on TV!

Actually, these days, our live shows are at the Academy Theatre in Avondale Estates. In fact, there's one coming up this Saturday and Sunday, and you should drop everything and head over there. Right now. Hey, you want a good seat, right?

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

90 - The Call of C'thulhu, Part 1 of 2

[Time 33:50] [Size: 24.4MB] [Genre: Horror] Recorded Live at a performance at DragonCon 2009, The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company presents "The Call of C'thulhu" written by H.P. Lovecraft, adapted for audio by Ron N. Butler. This is Part 1 of 2.

And now the obligatory self-promotion:

H.P. Lovecraft's "Call of C'thulhu" will be repeated at the Academy Theatre in Avondale Estates GA on October 24, 2009 (8PM) and October 25, 2009. (2:30PM) Come see us Live!

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