Friday, February 26, 2010

In 'Mind Movies,' the Word Picture Continues to Appeal to Eager Ears

It's no surprise to me that the Theater of the Mind still has the power to enthrall listeners. I suspect you're aware of it as well.
I did find it a bit startling to learn that Susan Loewenberg, the head of L.A. Theatre Works, isn't a big fan of the genre.
"Mind movies"? That's the label the Wall Street Journal likes for what we do?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

94 - Omnilingual by H. Beam Piper

[Time: 32.23] [Size: 31.1MB] [Classic Science Fiction] from Dragon*Con 2009: "Omnilingual" written by H. Beam Piper & adapted for audio by Daniel Taylor.
Speculative science fiction: Follow the first archaeologists to land on Mars. How do they decode what they find there, with no similar cultures to compare it to?
Direct download: Omnilingual.mp3