Thursday, December 06, 2007

67 - An Atlanta Christmas part 1 - Repeat

Christmas is memories. For the next 4 podcasts, ARTC will be bringing you some of our favorite memories from our holiday programming, drawing heavily from Thomas E. Fuller's An Atlanta Christmas, but with a few other surprises along the way.

This week we bring you The Ultimate Christmas Pageant and O Tannenbaum by Thomas E. Fuller, and Some Assembly Required, by Daniel Taylor.

Direct download: ARTC67-Xmas01-R.mp3


Anonymous said...

I listened to the 2003 'O Tannenbaum' again, in hopes of doing better this year. Yeah, there are things that need improving...

It still remains one of the most evocative pieces Thomas Fuller ever wrote. Resilient as a Bach melody, nearly impossible to screw up, and capable of being so much more if we had a really good actor doing it.


Daniel said...

Fortunately, we do have a really good actor doing it.