Thursday, January 03, 2008

Podcast 71 - To Dine With the Devil - Repeat

Hey, folks, another rerun this week, but fear not...plans are afoot to bring you new material in a more timely fashion. Plus, possible new podcast-only material! Stay tuned!

To Dine with the Devil

by Ivan Turgenev
Adapted for Audio by Joyce Leigh
Performed Live at Sci Fi Summer 2003 in Atlanta, Georgia

The old Russian proverb states:
"Those who dine with the devil may end up on the menu."

If you like H.P. Lovecraft, you'll love this....Not for the squeamish.


Voice Talent (in alphabetical order): David Benedict, Phil Carter, Doug Kaye, Clair Kiernan, Daniel Kiernan, Joyce Leigh, Trudy Leonard
Original Music by Alton Leonard and Brad Weage
Directed by Doug Kaye
Sound Engineering by David Carter and William Alan Ritch assisted by Ray Spitz
Sound Effects by Henry Howard
Live Foley by Lili and Sonya and assisted by Anthony Fuller

Direct download: ARTC71-DineDevil-R.mp3

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