Thursday, April 09, 2009

Podcast 84 - Blues for Johnny Raven - 2009 Edition

Hello and welcome again to the Atlanta radio theatre company's podcast, your monthly source for the best in free, original audio drama.

This year ARTC is celebrating its 25th anniversary!  Over the course of the next several months we'll be taking a look back at our history, examining our present, and predicting our own future.  Stay tuned here for exciting new developments in podcasting and audio drama.

This month we bring you Blues for Johnny Raven.  Longtime listeners to the podcast will remember that this was the fifth podcast we ever published, and that we re-ran it later.  But this is the 2009 edition, with Daniel W. Kiernan as Johnny Raven, Fiona K. Leonard as Gloria Kinsolving, and Mary Buchanan on live saxophone!  This piece clearly illustrates the evolution of ARTC as a live performance audio drama company and the power of audio as a storytelling medium.

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