Saturday, July 30, 2011

Reviewed at Gravedigger's Local 16

The blog at Gravedigger's Local 16 has given a favorable review to Special Order / A Case of Abuse (buy it from ARTC or Audible), and of course we're extremely grateful.

Correction of a factual error:
The physical disc release of Special Order / A Case of Abuse is not a CD-R. It's a "real" glass-mastered factory-pressed CD, as is most of our catalog. We do market some of our releases on CD-R, but they are labeled, since we're aware some older disc players don't like to play them. We frankly hope most of our listeners will purchase a download from Audible (or iTunes or Amazon), just because storing the physical media and fulfilling mail orders are almost more troublesome and time consuming than actually producing the program.

The reviewer is certainly correct that “ultimate evil implies ultimate good” doesn't exactly fit H. P. Lovecraft's literary point of view, which is that the universe is greater than humans can understand and attaches no particular importance to human life. The intended point was that one view is really no easier to believe or disbelieve than the other, and blending the two had not, to our knowledge, been tried. We were amused at the thought that some of our listeners might be more upset by the suggestion that the religious concepts might be valid than by the implications of the nightmarish Lovecraftian world. That that battle might be going on over our metaphysical heads and (generally) taking no notice of us might be the most horrifying idea of all.

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