Thursday, October 19, 2006

08 - Guerrilla Radio Theatre!

"Guerrilla Radio Theater" was commissioned by the Fellowship of Reason ( and perfomed at Manuel's Tavern in Atlanta on March 19, 2003. "Guerrilla" could (but oddly enough doesn't) refer to ARTC's ability to set up a live studio complete with foley, amplifiers, BIG speakers, a dozen microphones, mixers, samplers, keyboards and digital recording equipment anywhere in under two hours, perform and then tear down in another hour. ARTC has performed in coffee houses, churches, outdoor pavilions, hotel ballrooms, stages and bars. If there's empty space and room for an audience, ARTC has probably performed in it. It reminds some people of either the Normandy Landing or dozens of clowns emerging from the little car at the circus....

The entire "Guerrilla Radio Theater" program is one hour and includes many other pieces. We have limited our selections for this podcast to twenty minutes and, therefore, much of the original program is not included.

The pieces are comic satire and include:

"SWATting the Books" by Ron N. Butler - "Sovereign Immunity and Your local public library...."
"NOSINET" by Daniel Taylor - "What your banker knows about you......"
"Inhuman Rights" by Ron N. Butler - "Dodos is good eatin......"
"The Shape of Things to Come" by Daniel Taylor - "Technology and the single girl...."

time: 23:02 (10.55 MB)
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