Friday, November 17, 2006

12 - Frontier Days 01

In May of 2004 we were invited to perform at Stone Mountain Park's Frontier Days Festival. We eagerly accepted the opportunity...and then learned that the theme was Georgia between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. With our specialties being in the area of science fiction, fantasy, and horror...well, our selection of available material was a bit thin.

But our writers rose to the challenge and wrote us 11 new scripts, including rehearsals and rewrites, in about three months. It was an exciting time and we got some great new material out of it. Today we bring you a bit of historical bridging, "A Sage Conversation" by Augustus Baldwin Longstreet, "A Feast at Sycamore Grove" by Bill Arp, and we finish with "The Triumph of Natural Justice" by Ron N. Butler.

Oh, and we performed it outdoors on the Plantation Grounds, which just goes to prove that we can do a show just about anywhere.

Size: 13.6M Time: 29:08
Direct download: ARTC-Show12-Frontier01.mp3

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