Thursday, September 20, 2007

56 - Solution Unsatisfactory part 1

Back in 2001 we performed an adaptation of Robert A. Heinlein's Solution Unsatisfactory. As you might expect, we were very proud and excited to present a work by such a well-regarded author. And since it was written in 1941 we were already aware that Mr. Heinlein had seemingly seen the future of world events by predicting the use of atomic weapons, although in a different form.

Little did we realize how memorable this performance would become. Performed live on August 31, we planned studio time for September 12, 2001. Needless to say we moved this production up in the queue.

Guest starring in this production are Peter David and Lisa Getto.

Duration: 18:57 Size: 8.8M

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Anonymous said...

Those familiar with the story ‘Solution: Unsatisfactory’ know that, as it progresses, all non-military aircraft in the world are grounded to prevent them being used to spread radioactive dust.

We laid down voice tracks for ‘S:U’ at AudioCraft Studios, as you said, on the evening of 12 September 2001. We came out after dark, around ten I believe. If you have ever lived in Atlanta – or near it – you know there is _always_ air traffic.

Not that night. The skies were empty, quiet – and seemed much darker than they had on the tenth.

(It’s an excellent adaptation, by the way, Daniel.)